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AppleOne Solution Limited

Room 2707, 27/F, Global Gateway Tower, No.63 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Lai Chi Kok MTR, Exit B)
Phone: (+852) 2688-7171
Fax: (+852) 2606-3399
E-mail: sales@appleonehk.com

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 testo industrial Calibrator 


Market News 

16.11.2018 - Measuring Technique for VAC in surgery room.

20.4.2018 - What is 3Q (Equipment Qualification)?

1.5.2017 - Fast test Protect you from Listeria

26.4.2016 - Drugs Storage

17.2.2015 - The important for Temperature Mapping

30.7.2014 - Summer time, is time to test temperature

12.9.2013 - Measure the food bacteria need 7 days???

27.4.2013 How testo infrared help defence the H7N9?

10.2.2011 HK Government required Medical related industry Monitor the storage humidity

23.10.2009 Towngas Contractor make use of testo 327 flue gas analyser to check Gas efficiency

8.8.2008 AppleoneDaily Use testo625 recorded the temperature of MongKok over 41'C

23.7.2007 Lux in Office!!


Company Activity

15.11.2018 New Calibration Parameters launched

9-11.5.2018 Build4AsiaExihibition HKCEC, Booth:Hall 1, 1D-330

9.3.2018 Hong Kong YMCA2018 - FoodSafety & Pharma Seminar

22.12.2017 Appleone obtain 2017best industry development Awards from testo

8-11.5.2017 Exihibit in Hofex 2017 Booth:1D-338

1.9.2017 ASL sales department move to (GLOBAL GATEWAY TOWER), (CEO TOWER)used as our calibration laboratory.

1.12.2016 testo Top Ten Dealer Awards from testo China

1.7.2016 testo Electrical tester Lauched!

3-5.5.2016 Join the HK Int Medical Device & Supply Fair, Booth:3F-E17

31.3.2016 Our First Ten Years!!

17-18.11.2015 Join the Logistics Conference ALMC HK Conventional & Exihibition Centre

9.5.2015 Hofex2015 ACE Light Labor Saving Award

12.7.2013 Sitelab Ultrasounic water flow technical seminar-Best Western Hotel

7-10.5.2013 Appleone Exhibited in Hofex 2013

22.3.2013  testo 885 Thermal Imager Seminar in TST

1.1.2013 Removal to (CEO TOWER)

7-30.10.2012 Appleone will Exhibit in (Eco Expo 2012) located in Asia Expo Airport

20.4.2012 We Buy-in Brand New Property (CEO TOWER) for office

27.7.2011 Hofex 2011 Exhibition Review

6-11.2010 World Expo Review

4.6.2010 Asia Building Tech2010 Exhibition Review

1-30.12.2009 Charity for MSF

6-9.5.2009 Hofex 2009 Exhibition Review

17.11.2008  testo 880 Thermal Imager Seminar in TST

4.6.2008 Asia Building Tech2008 Exhibition Review

  Wateproof hermometer>



 ATP Tester    Rapid Bacterial Tester

Surface Residue Test    Allergen Test

Ecoli  Coliform  ATP  Listeria


Type-1 Sound Level Meter

- Type 1 Sound Level Meter

- LEQ / Ln / Max / Min / Peak

- IEC61672 / IEC60651

- 1/1, 1/3 Octave Band Analysis





Humidity / temperature Data Logger
Wifi Temperature Monitoring System(New)
Flue Gas Analyser
RPM / Water Analysis
Electrical Tester
Leakage Detector
Indoor Air Quality / Lux / Sound
Food Oil Quality(TPM)及PH meter
Multifunctional Instrument
Stationary Measuring
Thermal Imager
Radio Hum / temp Saveris-1 System
Professional Sound Level Meter (Octave)
ATP Food Hygiene tester  (NEW)
Moisture Meter

Ultrasound Water Flow Meter

Laboratory Calibrator (New)


Key Products       

testo multi-probes anemometer -testo 440


New Products - testo 420 flow hood


Industry News


Start from 2017, Appleone will send the below models to our accredited laboratory for  verification and chops in order to fullfill the requirement of Hygiene Department.                     Please Call us for more detail!!

New testo174Data logger           hum/temp New testo 174H           temperature  New testo 174T          New testo175Data logger    Hum./temp.testo175H1                   temp. testo 175T1    testo 175T2     external temp. testo 175T3              New testo 608Hygrometer              New testo SaverisSaveris Wifi loggers system


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