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Appleone Solution Limited - we are the high calibrated team which distribute the world's famous portable instruments since 2006. Our main Supplier, testo AG Germany is the largest portable measuring instruments manufacturer in the world.

ASL is the market leader especially the industry for temperature & humidity. Our calibration laboratory - ACLL has been accredited as the HOKLAS laboratory with ISO17025 standard since 2017.

We are are now supplying products & services to below industries:

1)Food Safety & Pharmaceutical Quality Control Industry:

Warehouse hygrometer, vaccine storage thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, food thermometer, temperature data logger, Oil tester, water activity instruments, pH meter, hygrometer, ATP micro-organism tester.


2)HVAC, Property Management, Engineering Contractors, Industrial Quality Industry:

Thermal imager, type-1 sound level meter, Type-2 sound level meter, flow meter, hygrometer, temperature logger, humidity logger, pressure meter, moisture meter, Air quality meter, Anemometer, CO2 & CO meter and transmitter.


3)Electrical & Mechanical, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Boiler & Heating Industry:

Flue Gas Analyser for measuring CO、O2、NO、NO2、NOx、SO2、HC、H2S、HC、H2O%, efficiency, smoke level, pressure draught, excess air and gas ratio., Digital Multi-meter, Voltmeter, Current Meter, Clamp Meter, TRMS DMM.


4)Other Industries:

Lux meter, mini-wind tunnel, anemometer, tachometer, gas leakage detector, refrigerant leakage detector, pH meter, conductivity meter, IAQ meter.





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